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Developing each girl and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling:
Every Girl a leader
Every Officer a Servant Leader

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Fast-Food & Fuzz Camp 2016

An experiential camp where 262 Junior girls learnt about fasting from elaborate food and experienced through simulations of the harsh conditions that children from developing countries face daily. Girls were taught to appreciate the things they have, to give thanks in all circumstances and pray for people in need.


National UG Camp 2016

This camp aims to foster camaraderie, strengthen resilience , instill continual learning and develop a harmonious community.

Leadership Development

Officers' Retreat 2016

The Officers' Retreat is an annual event where all the officers gather for a time of fellowship. The theme for officers this year was 'Be Empowered'. 

Community Development

GB Friendship Day 2016

This is the 6th year GB Friendship Day is organised. The carnival was filled with fun, food and fellowship for 1,500 LENS (the Lonely, Elderly, Needy and Special Needs). GB girls and officers learnt dialect, healthy eating messages and craft making to befriend, care and share with the LENS.

Junior &

SEEK is the first word of The Girls' Brigade Motto which is progressively emphasised throughout the whole Junior STAR Programme. The Junior girls will be able to explore new activities and knowledge in the different aspects of life. The programme helps the Junior and Intermediate girls to develop their character, leadership and responsibility, to be of service to the home, school, community and nation.

Senior &

The Senior Programme caters to girls aged 13 to 14. The badgework programme is linked to the second word 'SERVE' of the Girls' Brigade Motto. The Pioneer Programme caters to girls aged between 15 to 18. The badgework programme is linked to the third word 'FOLLOW' of the Girls' Brigade Motto.


The SPARKS program is catered for girls who want to serve and hone leadership skills after graduation. Each series of activities and tasks will lead to their promotion to Warrant Officer. Girls from different companies gather once a month for trainings, outings, planning, projects or workshops that define the core concepts of SPARKS.

Leadership Development

A programme for officers that aims to develop every officer into a mentor. This programme is open to adult 20 years and above. Christian ladies who are interested to serve as officers in the ministry of The Girls' Brigade Singapore (GBS) may join.


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