GBS Across the Years


In 1927 The 1st Singapore Company, The Girls' Life Brigade (GLB) was started by Mrs Elsie Lyne, an officer from UK, when she came to Singapore to teach at the Methodist Girls' School. The programme expanded into the other 3 Methodist schools with girls – Geylang, Fairfield and Paya Lebar – before the War stopped all activities. After the War and up to the 1970s, GLB units were started in 14 churches of the major denominations – living up to GLB being an interdenominational Christian organization.

From the 1980s GB forged a new thrust – into schools instead of churches.  GB gained recognition as an extra-curricular activity in schools and this has enabled our move into the schools.  However, our constitution requires that each unit is supported or affiliated to a church.  This resulted in growth in the number of companies formed and by 2000 about 40 units were started.

The momentum was continued from 2000 where 30 units were started. At the moment there are more than 80 companies and approximately 4000 girls and 300 officers on the roll.

2012 GBS celebrates its 85th Anniversary with the launch of a new tag-line and logo – ‘Growing Girls Becoming Leaders, Beyond Generations & Borders'. Ms Hee facilitated LLJ Encounter for BGB Philippines key leaders
2011 GBS Inaugural GB Friendship Day – where we hosted 1000 elderly in the community under the GB LENS Initiative. Ms Hee facilitated LLJ Encounter for GB Kuching and Cayman Islands
2010 A new leadership team took over the reins of GBS with Mrs Tay Poh Imm as President and Mrs Evelyn Yip as Commissioner. GBS hosted the meeting of the President's Committee prior to ICGB at Kuching, Malaysia.  GBS was represented at ICGB by a team of 10 led by Mrs Tay Poh Imm and Ms Yip Sook Lai.
2007 GBS celebrated its 80th Anniversary with the appointment of its 1st Patron in the person of Mrs S R Nathan, wife of the President of Singapore Mr S R Nathan.  President and Mrs S R Nathan were Guests of Honour at our Anniversary Dinner.    

GBS received the licence to use the LEAD LIKE JESUS (LLJ) materials for its Officer Training.  6 officers were trained as facilitators.  Today LLJ is a milestone leadership module for all officers and GBS serves as the LLJ Asia coordinator.

2002 GBS celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

GBS changed its Brigade and Company Colours and held its first Trooping the Colours with the Minister of Education, Mr Teo Chee Hean as the Guest of Honour.  The President of Singapore Mr S R Nathan and his wife joined us as Guests of Honour at the Anniversary Dinner.

GBS assisted in the registration of the entity BGB Philippines with the Stock Exchange of Cebu.

GBS hosted the President's Committee meeting in Singapore prior to.  7th ICGB in Bangkok, Thailand.  Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International President and Mrs Sally Chew International Vice-President.

2001 GBS was invited to present its programme to some Christian schools in Cebu, Philippines.  This resulted in the setting up of BGB Philippines which is an independent entity.    

GBS launched GB21 – a vision for GBS to establish a GB company in every school in Singapore and a GB Presence in every country in Asia by 2027.

GBS inherited the work in a village in Baray, Cambodia. Today this has expanded into the establishment of T-houses as the key to community development among women and children in Cambodia and Indonesia.
1998 GBS was given the use of a “school” as headquarters and training centre.  First at Jalan Membina from 1997 to 2003 and then at Upper Serangoon Road from 2003. 

6th ICGB at Brisbane, Australia.  Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International Vice-President (Asia).

Although GBS had initiated some work in Mongolia, Siberia, Nepal, East Timor this has yet to take root and bear fruit.
1997 GBS celebrated its 70th Anniversary.    
1995 GBS was invited to go with BBS to initiate work in Phnom Penh but could not advance the work.    
1993 GBS took its first tentative step towards bringing the GB programme outside Singapore.  A presentation was given to about 100 Thai Christian schools administrators and principals in Bangkok and this saw the commissioning of a staff worker to Thailand in 1995 and the establishment of GB Thailand as a separate entity in 1998. 5th ICGB at Dublin, Ireland.  Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International Vice-President.
1988   4th ICGB in Cook Islands, Singapore represented by Ms Hee Piang Chin, Mrs Sally Chew and Ms Wong See See
1987 GBS was given a campsite to be managed together with The Boys' Brigade.  This enabled our girls to experience adventure training as well as canoeing and kayaking activities.  We continue to have the use of this venue today    
1985 GBS received recognition as a charity and today we are an institution of public character under the Ministry of Education    
1983 GBS hosted the International Conference of the Girls' Brigade and Fonomarae at Eusoff College.

3rd ICGB IN SINGAPOREe. Ms Lim Bee Lum was elected International Vice-President.

1981 A small office space was acquired for GBS at Peace Centre which served for many years as our headquarters.    
1978     2nd ICGB at Cayman Islands. Mrs Tay Poh Luan was elected International President.
1973 GBS sent a contingent of 20 officers and girls to the Fonomarae in New Zealand.  1st International Conference of the Girls' Brigade (ICGB) in Auckeland , New Zealand. Mrs Tay Poh Luan was elected International Vice-President. 
1964 GBS changed its name from The Girls' Life Brigade Singapore to The Girls' Brigade Singapore following the name of the amalgamated organisation Three sister organizations of The Boys' Brigade – The Girls' Brigade established in Ireland, The Girls' Guildery of Scotland and The Girls' Life Brigade of the UK – agreed to come together as The Girls' Brigade.
1961 GBS registered as a society