Leaders Of GB


The President serves as Chairperson of the GBS Council responsible for policies and governance while the Commissioner is the chairperson of the Executive Committee of GBS.


Dr Ruth Wong Hie King (1977-1982)
She was instrumental in drafting the GB Constitution and the purchase of an office space at the Peace Centre.
Dr Lim Kiat Boey (1982-1984)
Mrs Rosalyn Tay (1984-1989 and 1998-2003)
During her term she inspired the move of GBS from churches into the schools which enabled GBS to grow in numbers. This period also saw the the allocation of a campsite to both the BB and GB in 1987.
Dr Dixie Tan (1992-1998)
She oversaw the application for the use of an old school premise as a headquarters and training ground.

Eventually, GBHQ at Jalan Membina was established in 1999.


Mrs Sally Chew (2003-2010 and 2016-2018)
Sally expanded the vision of GBS into Asia and worked tirelessly as concurrent Chairperson of Extension to bring GB into Asia. The fruit of which is the establishment of GB in Thailand, the Philippines and community projects in Cambodia and Indonesia.
Mrs Tay Poh Imm (2010-2016 and 2018 - Present)


Mrs Elsie Lyne (1946-1964)
Mrs Tay Poh Luan (1964-1984)
Ms Hee Piang Chin (1984-2010) and
Ms Seah Jiak Choo took on the role from 2000-2010
Ms Evelyn Yip Sook Lai (2010-2014)
Mrs Evangeline Chong (2014-present)


When GBS celebrated the 80th Anniversary of its work in Singapore, a decision was taken to invite the wife of the President of Singapore to be Patron of GBS.

Mrs S R Nathan graciously accepted the invitation and served as Patron from 2007 to 2011.

Mrs Mary Tan also accepted our invitation to be Patron in Dec 2011 and was installed in May 2012.



In 1968 the countries with GB in the Pacific was formed and Singapore joined the Pacific Fellowship as it was then known.   Mrs Tay Poh Luan served on the leadership team of the Fellowship during her years as Commissioner of GBS.  The Pacific Fellowship was divided into the regions of Asia and Pacific at the International Conference of The Girls' Brigade in 1998.


With the creation of the newly constituted Girls' Brigade organization in 1964, a new international set-up – Girls' Brigade International (GBI) – and a new conference – the International Conference of The Girls' Brigade (ICGB) came into being. 

GBS provided leadership to GBI as follows:

1st ICGB 1973 New Zealand:
Mrs Tay Poh Luan was elected International Vice-President and took on the role of International President when Mrs Margaret O'Rouke died in 1997.

2nd ICGB 1978 Cayman Islands:
Mrs Tay Poh Luan was elected International President

3rd ICGB 1983 Singapore:
Ms Lim Bee Lum was elected International Vice-President

5th ICGB 1993 Ireland
Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International Vice-President

6th ICGB 1998 Australia
Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International Vice President (Asia)

7th ICGB 2002 Thailand
Ms Hee Piang Chin was elected International President and Mrs Sally Chew was elected International Vice-President (Asia)

10th ICGB 2014 Australia (Perth)
Mrs Tay Poh Imm was elected International Vice President (Asia)


Before the Asia Fellowship was established in 1998, GBS initiated the ASIAN CONSULTATION in Singapore in 1994 chaired by Ms Hee Piang Chin.  Annual meetings were held in Hong Kong and Bangkok (1995), Penang (1996) and Singapore (1997).

The Asia Fellowship was inaugurated at the 1998 ICGB in Australia and as IVP Ms Hee Piang Chin and Mrs Sally Chew provided leadership at the annual meetings. Mrs Tay Poh Imm served as Vice-chairman of the Asia Fellowship from 2010 - 2014 and was elected as IVP at the 2014 ICGB in Australia (Perth).