Brigade Executive Council

The Council of the Girls' Brigade

The GB Council determines policy guidelines for The Brigade, and to foster and promote its Aim and Principles. To admit new companies and to appoint and approve new appointments of Officers and Chaplains

The Council shall comprise of:

The President
The Vice-Presidents
The Brigade Commissioner
The Brigade Chaplains and Associate Chaplain
The Honorary Secretary / Asst Secretary
The Treasurer / Asst Treasurer
Chairperson of the Standing Committees
Captain or her nominee from each Company
Honorary Life Member(s)
Such members as elected by the Council from time to time

The Executive Committee of the Girls' Brigade

The general function of the Executive Committee of the Girls' Brigade is to supervise and manage the affairs of the Brigade. Recommend to the Council policy guidelines regarding the management, activities, programme, as well as the efficient management of the Companies and extension of The Brigade. To appoint sub or ad-hoc committees as it may deem necessary.

The Executive Committee shall comprise of:

The Brigade Commissioner as Chairperson
The Chairpersons of the Standing Committees
The Brigade Chaplain or Associate Chaplain
The Brigade Secretary or Assistant Secretary
The Brigade Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer
Members who shall be appointed by the Council
The Brigade President as ex-officio member



Brigade President Mrs Tay Poh Imm
Brigade Vice-President Ms Pearl Pang
Brigade Chaplain Rev Lilian Ang
Associate Brigade Chaplain Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan
Honorary Secretary Ms Thio Lay Hoon
Asst Honorary Secretary Ms Darlene John Johney
Honorary Treasurer Ms Joann Gor
Asst Honorary Treasurer Ms Chow Mei Yin
Brigade Commissioner Mrs Evangeline Chong
Deputy Brigade Commissioner Mrs Caryn Ong
Asst Brigade Commissioner Ms Chow Yuen Peng
Asst Brigade Commissioner Ms Judy Loke
Asst Brigade Commissioner Mrs Martha John
Chairperson, Primary Programme Mrs Laraine Lau Ai Lan
Chairperson, Secondary Programme Ms Andrea Wang
Chairperson, Tertiary Programme Mrs Aileen Wee
Chairperson, Leadership Development Mrs Petrina Koh
Chairperson, Finance Committee Mrs Joyce Fung
Chairperson, Corporate Services Mrs Evangeline Chong
Chairperson, Corporate Infocomm Ms Gloria Yeo