Leadership Development


Leadership Development has developed a dynamic and relevant 4-fold programme to develop every officer into a mentor who will bring forth girls who have self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility.

This programme is open to adult 20 years and above. Christian ladies who are interested to serve as officers in the ministry of The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) may join.

Our officers have a personal responsibility to see to it that the girls placed under their charge to

• come to know the Lord and
• grow in their Christian lives

Our officers are thus expected to be good examples in the way we live as Christians.



Introduction & Induction (I&I)

- To provide the prospective officer with an understanding of the purpose and vision of The Girls’ Brigade Singapore.
- To give the prospective officer an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and relationships of an officer in GBS.

One must complete Introduction & Induction before the Basic Officer Training Course.

One full day training on a Saturday, conducted in February and August.


Basic Officer Training Course (BOTC)

- To provide basic training for the prospective officer in planning company programme and company administration.
- To start the prospective officer in her servant leadership journey.

One full day training on a Saturday, conducted in February and August.


Lead Like Jesus (LLJ)

- To inspire and equip leaders to lead like Jesus.
- To provide a transformational encounter with Jesus as a role model for all leaders, a transformational leadership cycle.
- To have a meaningful experience with the spiritual disciplines of solitude, prayer and the study of the Word.


Two day non-residential retreat, conducted over one weekend (Saturday & Sunday) in February and August.


Advanced Officer Training Course (AOTC)

- To provide continuous training to officers in four dimensions -- personal, one-on-one, team and organisation leadership.
- To encourage life-long learning among the officers.
- To equip officers with people, functional and core skills as they continue to serve in the Brigade.

All commissioned officers (BOTC Trainees, Cadet Lieutenant and Lieutenants) are eligible for the course.


Attend workshops on Saturday conducted in April or May.


Captain’s Training (CT)

- To provide an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and relationships of a captain.
- To equip captains with necessary skills and knowledge to attain functional competency in the company.

Captains have to attend CT within one year upon appointment.

One full day training on Saturday conducted annually between October and November.


Responsibilities Of Commissioned Officer

The Captain
• Responsible for the organisation, administration, development and growth of the Company.
• At least 21 years of age, a Christian and a commissioned officer of the Brigade.
• Represents and speaks for the company at meetings.

The Lieutenants
• At least 21 years of age and a Christian.
• Completed I&I, BOTC & LLJ organised by GBS.
• Assist the Captain in providing leadership to the girls in the company.
• Officers are expected to model the organisation’s values and mentor the girls in the company.

The Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
• A company may have Non-Commissioned Officers. They are promising young leaders who serves in the company and attend training courses conducted by GNS.
• The company's captain and officers will assess the duties performed by these NCOs and make recommendations for their promotion.